Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have not posted for awhile......... not a whole lot on my mind. Peace out I am going for a ride. Heres a video featuring Gary Oldman. Why you may ask? Well why the fuck not!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bored out of my mind!

I have nothing to say....... oh and I still really want to go Mountain Biking! Some people have been asking me what mountain biking is. I found this video last night that shows what mountain biking is to me, even though we do not have any mountain in Minnesota.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I want to go mountain biking!

If you cant tell by the title of this post "I want to ride my mountain bike now!" I have not been on an actual mountian bike ride in a month. It wouldnt be so bad f I could go skiing but........ THERE IS NO SNOW! Tomorrow I am going to go out for a ride no matter what. I guess it could be snowing in the morning so it should make for an interesting ride. If we get a decent amounty of snow I plan on riding the mountain bike on the Wobegon. If we do not get much snow I am riding the Gravel with the CrossCheck. In the mean time I have been watching a lot of mountain bike videos, I recently got "From the Inside Out" it is ok there is one segement in particular featuring Matt Hunter that really stands out to me. The song featured in the segment has been stuck in my head all day. So here it is I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well its 2012, I got out for a short bike ride yesterday. I have not been out riding much these past two months. So it felt great to get out I only rode on the Wobegon trail, there was about 1-2 inches of snow so I took out the hardtail mountain bike. Someone had already gone down the trail on a fat bike I was hoping to see them but I did not.  Last night I went to Losos in St. Joe it was packed and a lot of fun. Later on I ran into some of the regulars from the Midtown they were in a limo and heading back to Avon. So I took the opportunity for a limo ride home on New Year’s Eve,  I ended up going with them  to; Joeseph’s in Avon and then Rookies and Pauls in Albany. I must have had fun last night I woke up with 5 dollars left in my wallet and started the night with close to $80, that’s a lot of Pabst pounders!

Friday, December 16, 2011


My college graduation ceremony was held last night in St. Cloud. If you were there you may have noticed that I was not in attendance. I did not want to go, I haven’t even officially graduated. There is still one more week left of school. I know I will pass all my classes with a’s this quarter so I am not worried.  More or less I did not want to attend this over glorified photo opportunity. The only reason I would have gone was to receive my diploma but, they haven’t even sent out the order to the printers yet I have to wait 5-6 months before I can pick it up. What I should have done was show up to the ceremony half an hour late wearing jeans and a t-shirt, sporting a multi colored mo-hawk, wasted with a bottle of Jack in my hand, run up onto the stage, raise the devil horns, scream FUCK YEAH, and then run out of the auditorium.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's a blog

This my blog there will be many grammatical errors if you cannot handle this then go read someone else’s blog! I will be writing whatever just pops into my head.  I graduate from College next Tuesday.  I should be excited but I am not. I more nervous than anything; what’s going to happen next? Will I be able to find a job? I have not been sleeping well this past week lots of stuff going through my mind. I finally got motivated enough to go for a mountain bike ride last Monday. I parked at the North Loop and rode over to Riverside park, the trails over there are in pretty good shape. Then over to the River Bluff’s via the Beaver Island trail. While I was descending down the sketchy switchback trail that is maybe only a foot wide and is built into a steep side hill I wiped out and rolled down the hill still clipped into my bike. Ouch my shoulder has been jacked since Monday, today I can finally raise my arm above my head without much pain. After wiping out I was determined to still have a good time on my bike. I completed a lap at Plum Creek and then it was back over to the North Loop for half a lap. When I was all done I ended up with 18.5 miles and 2.5 hours of riding time. It felt good to get out on the bike. Maybe today I will ride the trainer and watch Entourage on DVD. Class at 3:45 and after that I only have 2 classes left next Tuesday, and I will be done. Where the fuck is all the snow? I want to go skiing, I recently got some new skate skis and boots and am dying to try them out. I love cycling but, it is nice to take a couple months off for skiing. Although this Winter I think I am going to do more riding outside I have wide enough tires on my hardtail mountain bike that I think I should get some decent float on the Snowmobile trails, if any snowmobilers have a problem with this FUCK OFF. Also I have a cross bike that I will be riding on the roads. I need to start training. Brian from work talked me into doing a 40 mile mountain bike race at Elm Creek park, at the end of January. I’ve said enough for today, here is an unrelated picture of model Bar Refaeli on a cruiser bike.